Introducing Ms. Ming Chu - a specialist in early and primary music education.

Ms. Ming Chu received her teaching and performance qualifications from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Having a strong interest in the field of early education and the matter of musical impact on human physiology, Ms. Ming completed her study in eurhythmics and received a Certificate from Dalcroze Society of HK. Since 2015 Ms. Ming has also received intensive training based on the world-renowned Russian pedagogical method under the leadership of Dr. Natalia Tokar.

Recently Ms. Chu received numerous awards and recognitions from local and international competitions and music festivals: the 4th Hong Kong International Music Festival 2017, the 5th Kawai Asia Piano Competition 2017, 11th Zhongsin International Music Competition and 2016 Asia International Piano Academy in South Korea. She fluently speaks English, Cantonese, and Putonghua.

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